The 8th Mile...

Hello Friend,

*Warning this piece will contain spoilers of the movie 8 Mile.*

The last couple of days leading up to my art show have been some of the longest and intense moments of my entire life. It was so intense that I forgot how to breathe. It seemed like everything was a mess. I couldn't help, but think, "Oh fuck! What did I get myself into." 

At that moment, I felt like
Eminem in the movie 8 Mile. The scene right before he got on stage to redeem himself. It was terrifying, but exhilarating at the same time. 

You must be thinking, "Wait, one quick second mister. Redeem yourself? This was your "first" art show. How do you redeem yourself?" 

Well... Last year, I had an Art Show for the Belltown Art Walk and only 15 people came which was great! Don't get me wrong, but that was not the part that needed redeeming. It was the preparation work before the show that needed redeeming. So let me give you a little taste of what happened the year before. I prepared for that show on the day of. All my digital copies were unorganized. I hadn't even ordered/picked up my prints. I didn't have a business card. Not to mention that I showed up 30 minutes late to my own show to set up. The sad part was that I knew about this show for over two months, and waited til' the last couple of hours to do something about it.

So when I got the call from RAW Artist asking me if I wanted to be part of their Fixate Showcase; I instantly said yes to their invite to be a featured artist! I wanted to prove to myself that I have what it takes to work side by side with all of the other great talents that were going to be at that event. In addition, it wasn't 15 people I had to make a good impression on. It was a crowd of 500+. For the next couple of weeks, I spent every waking second of my free time planning to make a killer showcase. This included business cards, prints, and more importantly my Demo Reel for my photography and cinematography. 

Everything I was doing felt I was on crunch time and I may not get a single break. Piece by piece it came together. All of a sudden, I found myself at the event and setting it all up. It feels good to be on top of it. I looked at the finished booth, and said to myself "Damn, this is what it must have felt like when
Eminem punked all those battle rappers." And once the guest arrived, I knew that I just took a solid step forward in my life.

It crazy, but a moment I will not forget. I want to personally thank everyone who attended the show and sent me good vibes my way. You are the reason why I create. 

Thank you for reading.

Always Wishing You the Best,
Gregory R. Sybouts