Photographs are by Michael Medina

Who Am I?

As you read my name above, my name is Gregory Sybouts and I am cinematographer/photographer based out of Seattle, WA. I enjoy trying to make myself a little better than what I was the day before. I will always be an explorer, artist, and most importantly your friend. Also I like long walks on the beach and drinking black coffee.


"What inspires me?" To be honest, everything. From the morning sunrise to my neighbor trimming her roses to a man running late for a business meeting, they all tell a story. With every story, there is an emotion or feeling connected to it. To share that feeling with you or with anyone who interacts with my art means the world to me. I personally believe that we haven't even scratched the surface of storytelling. This is why I create.

Previous Projects

I have worked on a variety of film and photography sets throughout my career. This includes commercials, public service announcements, narrative film, and documentary. As of recently, I just shot an episode of Freaky Sweets for Food Network.